Drain Cleaning 

The technicians and plumbers at Key Plumbing know the common story that pouring harsh chemicals down the drain clears up the clog or unstops the pipes. Unfortunately, that is not the best way to take care of a clog. In fact, it is quite unhealthy and potentially harmful to pour these dangerous chemicals down your drains. Most people do not realize how harmful these dangerous chemicals can be and many do not think about the damage they can cause. While they might unclog a drain, they are damaging the pipes and septic tank.

Drain cleaning chemicals can corrode the pipes in the drainage system, and often deteriorate and break down the chemicals that are necessary for breaking down sewage in the septic tank. Many people don’t realize these chemicals are even in the septic system, let alone their purpose, so they pour harmful chemicals down the pipes that in turn, wreak havoc on the whole system and before they realize the damage, they are required to purchase a whole new septic system.

At Key Plumbing, our goal is to help you avoid this whole fiasco and mess, and get your drains unstopped, get the clogs out and help you go about your life with clean drains no worries about harsh chemicals. We are aware of the true sources of drain clogs and pipe stoppage. Usually the problem lies deeper in the system than the homeowner or property owner even realizes. If the tenant of a building or the homeowner is going out to buy drain cleaner on a regular basis because of clogged up drains, that is a sign of a much deeper rooted problem. That tells us that the problem is more severe than they realize and they are just furthering the damage by constantly pouring more chemicals into it.

The best way to ensure that the drains, pipes and septic tanks are completely free of debris and clear of all obstruction is to call Key Plumbing and allow our professional technicians and plumbers to come out and clean the drain properly. We can find the deep rooted problem and eliminate it for you, thus helping you avoid future back ups, flooding, or overflows in your home or business.

Our goal is to help you avoid any unnecessary and costly repairs or replacements in your septic system. We have been in this business for years, and our expertise in the field knows when we can save you with a drain cleaning or if unfortunately you have called us too late. In that case, we are equipped and experienced in replacement of the entire septic system or whatever area needs repair. We can install new sewer lines when deemed necessary, and help you regain control of your home or business without the worry of clogs, leaks, or the structural damage incurred from them. We will introduce you to safe and non-corrosive alternatives that will help you keep your pipes unclogged, water running swiftly, and your septic tank free of corrosion.

Call Key Plumbing any time you suspect a clog or stopped up pipes. Let our expert technicians and master plumbers do the work for you and clean the drains in a safe and effective way.

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